Shmidt Historical Museum

[] Меморіальний будинок-музей П.П. Шмідта

Shmidt Historical Museum is a branch of the Berdiansk Regional Museum. 1980 is the date of it's foundation. This is the place where the family of the mayor and harbormaster of Berdiansk. Here his famous son, lieutenant Shmidt spent his childhood and school years.
The Berdiansk City Council decided to make a museum in this building. For this purpose 14 families had to leave the building where they lived, so they were moved to the new flats in the central part of the city.
The concept of the museum was created by Liudmila Nozdrina. The artifacts like photos, pieces of furniture, documents were collected as soon as possible. Some of them were brought from Petersbourg, Taganrog and other cities. For example, piano, which the future prominent lieutenant Shmidt played, was brought from Moscow. It was given by Shmidt relatives. Many artifacts were given to museum by the citizens of Berdiansk.

Address: 8, Shmidt str., Berdiansk.

phone: 7-09-80