"Podvig" museum

[] Музей «Подвиг»

"Podvig" museum

"Podvig" museum have been opened on the May 5. 1985 and dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the Victory in the World War II. In it's halls you can see many artifacts: documents and testimonies of the participants, personal things, weapons and awards of the citizens of our city. By visiting this museum you will not only learn about the prominent people of Berdiansk who fought during the war, but also about the life of our region in the period of fascist occupation and how our land was liberated.
Among other important expositions are the ones, dedicated to Afganistan, the famous citizens of our city, the life of our people in the 1950th. Also there's a very interesting exhibition of the embroidered paintings, and after the sad and tragical events on Maidan in Kyiv and the civil war in the eastern part of Ukraine, another exhibition was added.

Address: Gostynna str.

Phone: 06153 4-05-12