Museum of the History of Berdiansk

[] Музей історії міста

Museum of the History of Berdiansk was opened on the 17th of September 2005. It is a branch of the Berdiansk regional Museum. At the disposal of visitors there are 5 exposition halls which cover three periods of the city development: pre-soviet; soviet and modern.
Diorama "Berdiansk v Mynulomu" (The Past of Berdiansk) by Sergii Gontcharenko, which shows the city, in the 19th century is a real pride of the museum.
Also figures of the two famous citizens of Berdiansk are presented: one of them is Volodymyr Khavkin - the famous doctor of bacteriology, who invented plague and cholera vaccines. The second is by Vasyl Kryzhanovskii who was chronicler of Berdiansk in the 19th century. By the way 3 of 4 diaries of Kryzhanivskii are exhibited in museum of the History of Berdiansk.
In the small exhibition hall the twin-cities of Berdiansk are represented. There also you can see the collection of the samovars and irons of the 19th-beginning of the 20th centuries.
The conference-hall of the museum is dedicated to one of the founders of Berdiansk - knyaz, Governor-General Vorontsov. There is an exhibition called "The Vorontsov Family Portraits Gallery" in it. Also many scientific conferences, museum festivals, different meetings with representatives of national cultural societies are held there.
There's an interesting fact that the citizens of Berdiansk help to gather artifacts for exhibitions. For example, once an interesting exhibit was brought to museum. It was a document dated 19th century, an official appeal to the citizens and officials of Berdiansk to keep the town clean and tidy. Among many other things, that were in use are the TV-set made in 1953 and phonograph.
In order to reflect the atmosphere of modern Berdiansk there was created the exposition with the information of modern city life, the City Council, elections, culture and betterment of Berdiansk. Implementing "Museum to Museums" project, exposition of the former voluntary basis museum of the "Azovkabel" factory was included to the Museum of the History of Berdiansk.

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