Brodskii Art Museum

[] Бердянський художній музей ім. І.І. Бродського

Museum was founded by the famous artist and collector Isaak Brodskii in the late 1930th. It was he who handled to museum more than 200 masterpieces. For the art gallery the first flour of the Museum of History of Berdiansk was given. The museum received paintings and sculptures during several years.
The special place in the collection allotted for the works of so-called "peredvizhniki" - the group of 14 artists whoin their works turned  the social problems of that time and were famous for making numerous exhibitions all over Russia to introduce the beauty of art to all the social groups.
After Brodskii death the collection has not been replenished. In 1941 when the collection was consisted of 500 pieces the gallery was evacuated to Stalingrad Museum and only in 1945 it was taken back. Unfortunately during evacuation some of the museum artifacts were missed. Only in 1947 the first museum catalogs and documentation were established. 
In 1950-1960th the museum funds started to replenish again.

[] Бердянський художній музей ім. І.І. Бродського

Through the next years the museum founds had been replenishing.
In 1974 the renovation of the main part of the building started and museum had got some new territory, and two years later, in 1976 now exposition halls were added. This place was a room for the museum until 2004.
During the 1980th the museum had obtained 931 artifact. However through the next years because of the  the insufficient funding the artifacts incoming significantly decreased and in 1991 was the last incoming for state funds.
On the 1st of June 2007 the museum was opened in a new separate building.
Nowadays Brodskii Art Museum has 4508 pieces.

Address: 29, Tsentralna str.

Phone: (06153) 4 51 58


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