There are a lot of interesting places to visit and things to see in Berdiansk. Museums, different historical places, monuments - the city is ready to impress it's guests despite of the season of the year.
Berdiansk Regional Museum is the oldest in the city, it was found in 1929 and also became the first in the city. Since 1980 it is divided into several branches: Shmidt Historical Museum, Podvig Museum and Museum of the History of Berdiansk. The expositions are divided into pre-soviet, soviet, modern, nature of native land and the exhibition hall. Also ther are open-air expositions: collection of the stone sculptures of the Polovetsky period and some artifacts of Scythian period of IV century B.C. If you want to learn more about Berdiansk be sure to visit Museum of the History of Berdiansk. It is relatively new museum found in 2005. It's expositions tell us about history of our city since first days of Beridansk till nowadays. 
The expositions of "podvig" Museum are dedicated to the Second World War period.
The Shmidt Historical Museum is a memorial house-museum, a place where famous revolutionist lieutenant Shmidt lived. He is famous for leading the rebellion on the battleship Otchiakov in 1905. Another interesting fact is that his father was the Mayor and harbourmaster of Berdiansk from 1876 till 1886 and had done much for the city. The museum is situated right in the building where was the house of Shmidt, it is opposite the municipal park, which was also founded by Shmidt ))
The exposition on the ground flour of the museum tell us about the rebellion in Sevastopol in 1905 where one of the leaders was lieutenant Shmidt. Exposition on the first flour shows the citizens' everyday's life in the negining of the 20th century.
So if you are and art lover, be sure to visit Brodsky Art Museum. There you will see masterpieces of Aivazivskii, Benua, Bogdanov-Belskii, Kramskoi, Dubovskii, Korovin, Savrasov, Rylov and Kuinji. Also some works of the Emperor's Art Academy graduates are represented here. On the territory of museum numerous art and photo exhibitions and different festivals are held. They make life of Berdiansk more interesting, bright and cultural.