Mistress Seagull Monument


At the very beginning of the Berdiansk Spit, on the picturesque piece of land, surrounded by the blooming greenery, stands sanatorium "Lazurnyii". By the very entrance, at the central gates the monument to the seagull was placed.
It is impossible to imagine the shore of the Sea of Azov without seagulls. Usually they are flying not far from the shore hunting fish and the seamen forecast the weather based on their behavior.



At the gates of the "Lazurnyii" sanatorium there's an interesting monument, dedicated to the mosquito. It is Chironomidae. They are not biting and bring no harm to us, however they are of great ecological value to our regionю Chironomidae's larvae help to renovate the сгкмфешму muds of the Azovski limans.

Monument to the Tourists


It became a tradition to open a new monument each year on the City Day, so in 2011 another monument was opened. This time the composition is dedicated to the tourists. The suitcases, rucksack and other pieces of luggage are made of stone chunks and held with metal belts, parasol, diving mask, fins and cap are also made of metal. 

Monument to the Happy Childhood


This monument was presented to the city by Eugenii Popov, a local businessman. As he said, there is no need to argue about what symbolize the happiness when we were kids. For sure the most part of those, whose childhood was in the "soviet" times this three-wheel bicycle was an attribute of happy and carefree childhood. Times are changing, interests of todays children too. But still this monument reminds of childhood, happiness and also looks great!


A monument to a Fishing Boy

This monument was established in 2004. The sculpture is situated on the boardwalk in the central part of the city. This place was chosen because here is the favorite place among those who are fond of fishing. Every spring hundreds of citizens come here to fish the bullfish.

Monument to Count Vorontsov

There are a lot of interesting monuments on the territory of modern Berdiansk. Among them the monument to Shmidt, Pushkin, count Vorontsov - one of the founders of our city, monument to the main characters of the famous novel by Iliia Ilf and Evgenii Petrov and many other.


The monument to the greed

Another interesting sculpture can be found in Berdiansk is the one, dedicated to such negative feeling as greed. It is a massive 250 kg weight statue made of bronze that looks like a huge frog which is identified as greed. The frog is sitting on the heads of a man, a woman, a child and an old man which means that this feeling sometimes natural to all categories of people.


Monument to the Goaby fish

This monument is one of the most popular in Berdiansk and also an unofficial trademark of our city. Every citizen of Berdiansk love and respect this fish because in very  difficult times of the Second World War and also in hungry post-war period Goaby helped people not to starve to death.


The Wishing Armchair

Everyone wants his or her dreams come true, so the Wishing Armchair, that is on the Primorskaya square is extremely popular among thousands of guests of our city. It is believed that the Armchair stands on the crossing of the energy fields: earth, water, wind and fire, so all you need is to sit in the armchair, make a wish and believe that someday it will come true!


The Sundial

The sundial is situated in the Primorskaya square. It was created in 2001 by Zakarliuk.


Monument to the Plumber

Among people all the representatives of this profession are simply called Vasia. Everyone respect those guys as they do a lot of usual, but very useful and important things. This is why it was decided to testify love and respect to plumbers in a monument and create another place to make selfies and simply good photos.