Monument to Count Vorontsov


There are a lot of interesting monuments on the territory of modern Berdiansk. Among them the monument to Shmidt, Pushkin, count Vorontsov - one of the founders of our city, monument to the main characters of the famous novel by Iliia Ilf and Evgenii Petrov and many other.

The Children of Lieutenant Shmidt


This monument is dedicated to the characters of the famous novels by Ilia Ilf and Evgenii Petrov "the 21 Chairs" and "The Golden Calf". 

Goby - breadwinner


Among the unusual monuments on Primorsky Square, the popular one is the monument to the small fish Bichku, the breadwinner, which is a kind of visiting card of the city. The name of the monument speaks of the tender love and respect of the townspeople for this fish. Thanks to the bull-calf, the Berdyans and residents of the surrounding villages during the difficult years of the Holodomor, civil and World War II, were able to survive in the difficult post-war time.

Plumbing monument


He is called Uncle Misha. He is loved and respected, because he is the knight of the nut and adjustable spanner.

A monument to a Fishing Boy


This monument was established in 2004. The sculpture is situated on the boardwalk in the central part of the city. This place was chosen because here is the favorite place among those who are fond of fishing. Every spring hundreds of citizens come here to fish the bullfish.

The Wishing Armchair


Everyone wants his or her dreams come true, so the Wishing Armchair, that is on the Primorskaya square is extremely popular among thousands of guests of our city. It is believed that the Armchair stands on the crossing of the energy fields: earth, water, wind and fire, so all you need is to sit in the armchair, make a wish and believe that someday it will come true!

Monument to the Tourists


In 2011, on the Day of the city of Berdyansk, a new monument dedicated to the tourist was traditionally opened. The sculptor Vitaly Beltadze presented not one tourist, but his attributes. Travel bags, a suitcase, a backpack are made of granite blocks similar in shape. They are tightened with metal stripes, stylized under the straps. This makes it possible to perceive a pile of stones as a suitcase-bag accumulation of a tourist. On the bags there is a beach parasolka, a cap and sound laces, and viscous tags for metal. On one of them, the Colorado potato beetle is roaring. The axis of the beetle is to speak about those that have a tourist monument. On the right is what you want to name the best Colorado beetles for the masses in the Lithuanian season and to live with the great number of products. I have such a health, it’s logical, joyful є because I’m all going to benefit from the economical well-being of people living here.

The monument to the greed


Another interesting sculpture can be found in Berdiansk is the one, dedicated to such negative feeling as greed. It is a massive 250 kg weight statue made of bronze that looks like a huge frog which is identified as greed. The frog is sitting on the heads of a man, a woman, a child and an old man which means that this feeling sometimes natural to all categories of people.

Monument to the Happy Childhood


This monument was presented to the city by Eugenii Popov, a local businessman. As he said, there is no need to argue about what symbolize the happiness when we were kids. For sure the most part of those, whose childhood was in the "soviet" times this three-wheel bicycle was an attribute of happy and carefree childhood. Times are changing, interests of todays children too. But still this monument reminds of childhood, happiness and also looks great!

The Sundial


The sundial is situated in the Primorskaya square. It was created in 2001 by Zakarliuk.

Fountain with a model of the Berdyansk spit


Bronze parts of the model at the Yuzhhydromash plant. The fountain lining, a ball (diameter - 1.6 m, weight - 7 tons) were made at the Yantsevsky granite quarry (Zaporizhzhya region). Construction began in 2005, and in 2007, until the 180th anniversary of Berdyansk, it was opened.