Night Clubs


17а Gorky str

Every room of the Dtaktus cultural and entertainment center in Berdyanskis unique which is the most important component for creating the very atmosphere of relaxation or fun.

The cafe lounge is made in the French style of Provence, and the music is in line with its style. The cafe sounds unobtrusive and pleasant French music. This is a collection of modern and classic French motifs that can carry you to the most romantic corners of Paris. By visiting the "Fashion Club" nightclub, you can feel the depth of club music of various styles, including techno, commercial music, etc. These are high quality world hits and electronic music. The abundance of musical styles is represented by regular thematic parties.

In the cafe for children always plays fun dance music, children's songs. Also in the cafe there is a small piano stage, where small, talented musicians will be able to arrange a concert for the guests