As you know, billiards not only develop tactical thinking, excellent accuracy and accuracy of vision, but also coordination of movement, helps to harden physically. To improve the skill of swimming at sea - let the sea waves submit to you, and to maintain a great physical shape, to form the right posture - play a pool in Berdyansk!



If you want to dive into the unique atmosphere of the billiards, enjoy a soft game of ivory light and throw away all the problems and feel a pleasant feeling of competition with your opponent? "Strilets" will offer you such an opportunity! At your disposal there is one large table for playing "Russian" billiards. In addition, the billiard room has a plasma TV set, soft sofas, a dining table and even a massage chair in which you can relax.

71/1, Volonteriv str.

(066) 781 58 69, (096) 481 39 88 

"Aleks Club"

Billiard lovers have four main pool tables at their disposal:

"Russian Billiards"


A series of billiard tables "Billiards Professional" from Altenberg A.G. (Germany).

For a separate game at your service - Vip-room (Russian billiards)

1-А, Yaroslava Mudrogo str.

+38 (06153) 21018,  +38 (095) 1444005