Baths and saunas


вул. Підгірна, 224а Телефон: +38 (050) 608 69 98

Finnish Breeze Eco-Sauna Salt The exclusive design of the sauna is chalet-style (a house in the mountains). Only environmentally friendly materials (natural stone, wood and three types of salt: Himalayan, Artemivsk and Dead Sea salts) were used in the construction. The cozy home atmosphere has a restful atmosphere. Two-tier paired holds; 5 people, lounge 8 people. Heated swimming pool, backlit with bright lights. You can also use a waterfall bucket or shower. 1st lounge: fireplace, waterfall, tv, salt, table for 8 people, shower, kettle, crockery. 2nd lounge for smokers: music, fridge, aquarium, warm floor, aromalamps, beer glasses. Indoor BBQ area with barbecue (skewers, grill, firewood, coal) We invite you to relax, to steam, to fry meat, to celebrate birthdays, holidays in comfort, comfort and cleanliness.

Working days

2 people - 130 UAN / hour 

3-5 people  - 150 UAN / hour 

Weekend days

2 people - 150 UAN / hour 

3-5 people  - 170 UAN / hour 

For each additional person. surcharge - 20 UAN / hour