Seasonal Recreation Facilities

Dear Guests anf Citizens of Berdiansk


We are glad to offer to your attention a list of hotels, health and recreation facilities, children camps, so you can choose the right place to spend your time!
Objects, marked with the special sign, are safe as they are checked-up, and ready to deliever their services of high quality.
However please note that the site contains information about accommodation facilities that have not yet been checked-up, therefore the administration of the site is not responsible for the safe and high-quality service on such objects. So please choose safe rest!




61, Makarova str.

When you relax on our base, you will enjoy the clear sea, warm sand and fresh sea air, saturated with salt ions. Warm southern sun provides even and beautiful tan.


Along with the recreation center there are no industrial enterprises that pollute nature with harmful emissions. You will have a great time, taking a stroll along the picturesque coast and enjoying the beautiful seascapes.


Single, double, triple rooms with all conveniences (hallway, bedroom, bathroom, shower, loggia, TV, fridge).


Meals in the dining room. There is a kitchen with everything you need for your own cooking. Wi-Fi is available on site. We meet from the station.


On the territory:


dance floor;


table tennis;


sports grounds;

children's playground;