Seasonal Recreation Facilities

"Yuzhny Bereg"

77, Makarova str.

The recreation center "Yuzhny Bereg" offers a charming summer holiday on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov on the territory of the unique national reserve Berdyansk spit. If you want to get healthier and distract from civilization, that's exactly what you were looking for. Pure air, rich in aromas of sea breeze and steppe grasses of the Azov Sea, a gentle warm sea, a golden sandy beach. A business card base is a comfortable, but at the same time inexpensive family vacation. On the territory of the base everywhere there are deciduous trees that create a lot of shadows. Thanks to this, the rest can safely spend most of the day outdoors without fear of a burning southern sun. A two-storey, small wooden cottage, located on the beach (in the room air-conditioner, shower, toilet) is offered for a stay. Sitting on the veranda, you can meet the dawn, watch the mood of the sea. You can also stay in wooden houses, which are hidden under a thick tree of trees, which will help to easily absorb the heat and simply enjoy the nature. There is a private car park, the area of ​​the recreation center is under the supervision of the clock. A small number of vacationers makes it possible to spend the summer rest in serene and tranquil conditions! +38 06153 92003 +38 0992603665