Seasonal Recreation Facilities

Dear Guests anf Citizens of Berdiansk


We are glad to offer to your attention a list of hotels, health and recreation facilities, children camps, so you can choose the right place to spend your time!
Objects, marked with the special sign, are safe as they are checked-up, and ready to deliever their services of high quality.
However please note that the site contains information about accommodation facilities that have not yet been checked-up, therefore the administration of the site is not responsible for the safe and high-quality service on such objects. So please choose safe rest!




24, Makarova str.

The face of the recreation center is a new two-story building built of wood in 2014. The tree is by right considered the most environmentally friendly material. The whole interior of the rooms is made of pine. Imagine that your number is filled with healing flavors of the forest, in addition, the pine has bactericidal properties, activates the blood circulation, stimulates immunity, and its aroma is used for the treatment of bronchial asthma. In your room you will not see mold from dampness or dust, caring staff carries out daily cleaning with expensive hypoallergenic remedies. All bed linen and towels on the base of the "Vityaz" carry children's safe powder for health. Each of the 20 rooms has its own entrance and private balcony, so that no one from the outside will disturb your calmness.


On the basis of the "Vityaz" there is another building, which presents large 2-bedroom rooms of the "luxury" class. Each room has modern upholstered furniture, a TV, a fridge, air conditioning, a wide sofa-corner, where you can accommodate the whole family if you wish; In the bedroom - a large comfortable bed, if necessary, a clamshell is provided. All amenities in the room, hot and cold water are served in the round-the-clock mode. Each room has a large loggia (as you wish - with a view of the sea).