Seasonal Recreation Facilities

Dear Guests anf Citizens of Berdiansk


We are glad to offer to your attention a list of hotels, health and recreation facilities, children camps, so you can choose the right place to spend your time!
Objects, marked with the special sign, are safe as they are checked-up, and ready to deliever their services of high quality.
However please note that the site contains information about accommodation facilities that have not yet been checked-up, therefore the administration of the site is not responsible for the safe and high-quality service on such objects. So please choose safe rest!




15-В, Makarova str.

We have a large and clean beach with canopies. You can always combine active rest with friends (beach volleyball, badminton, etc. Games) with the ability to soak in the sun, while not interfering with others. In the hot afternoon, you can always move under the sheds, thus rescuing from the sun.


The immediate proximity of the hotel to the sea gives you a unique opportunity to meet the dawn on the beach, and the night bathing in the warm Azov Sea will not leave you indifferent. In any weather - a rainy or hot day, you can always plunge into the sea and get a charge of vivacity.