Our History

Berdyansk was founded in 1827. The city got it’s name after the river Berda, which flows into the Sea of Azov 13 km to the north-east from (the name of the river can be translated from the Turkic as “rich” or “full-flowing river”)
The City stands on the bank of the Berdyansk Bay, 200 km away from regional center Zaporizhzhia. The territory of Berdyansk is about 82,7 sq km and it’s population is 118,4 thousand inhabitants. Among the Russians, Ukrainians and Bulgarians, many people form more than 30 ethnic groups live in Berdyansk.
Our city was founded by governor-general count Mikhail Semenovitch Vorontsov in 1827. Three years earlier he ordered commander Kritsky and land-surveyor Manganari to “find the proper land to build the seaport on the Sea on Azov”. After long search Kritsky decided to chose the Berdyansk foreland.
The place was perfect: the depth of the bay allowed different ships to land there, the sea floor was good for dropping the anchor, the bay froze very late in winter. But the main advantage was that the bay was safely protected from the eastern winds which blow here strongly most of the time.
The building of our city started in 1827 and lasted more than 3 years. That’s how the small town of Berdyansk was born. In 1830 the Berdyansk Seaport was built and developed so quickly that already in 1835 Berdyansk became a city. Count Vorontsov once mentioned that he was greatly astonished how quickly and successfully the city developed. In 1842 Berdyansk was one of the central cities in Tavritchesky region. 3 years late our city became its own emblem.
Berdiansk grew and developed as an industrial and commercial center rapidly and quite randomly at the beginning: in the central part there were the houses of the rich people (merchants, priests lived there) and also the office buildings. On the suburbs of Berdyansk different settlements appeared. They vere called ‘slobodki’. And only in early 1862 the first city plan was created by the architects from Odessa.
In 1917 Berdiansk had a sea port, Matais factory, Azovo-Tchernomorsky factory, two brick plants, 6 steam mills, oil refinery, confectionery, pasta factory, more than 30 different small private factories, fish processing works,70 shops, more than 200 stores, 6 hotels, dozens of drugstores, and even 5 photo studios. Viticulture, cattle breeding and gardening also developed in Berdiansk.
In 1899 the first railway was opened.
As it turned out historically, the first and main business activities in our city always were industry and also the sea port. However at the beginning of the 20th century the healing properties of curative mud were discovered. That is why resorts- and sanatorium sector started to develop in Berdiansk. And even nowadays Berdiansk mud resorts well-known not only in Ukraine. So in 1902 the first mud bath was built. In 1940 the city already had more than 20 sanatoriums, 12 recreation centers, 7 cinemas and 4 parks.
In the late 1930th the Azmol factory was established, another 4 plants, together with the fish-processing works, shoes factory and sea port worked at full capacity.
In 1939 the name of the city was changed to Osipenko. On the 10 of January 1939 the Zaporizhzhskaya region was formed and our city became the part of it.
The 1970th -80th were the period of active development of Berbiansk. A lot of residential and industrial buildings, stadiums and hotels parks and shops were built in that period.
1990th were the times when Ukraine had got it’s independence. This period was accompanied with the economical difficulties, which Berbiansk together with all our country is trying to overcome.
However the tourism sectors are developing in Berdiansk and in 2005 our city became the status of the National Resort City.
Nowadays Berdiansk with the population of about 118,4 thousand citizens is a real Pearl of the Sea of Azov, center of medical tourism and one of the best resort cities. 
Once visiting Berdiansk you will never forget it because here all the good dreams come true.