The Central Beaches

[] Пляжі в центрі міста Бердянськ

The central beach #1 is situated right in the central part of Berdiansk on the Central Promenade. It stretches from the passenger piers of the Berdiansk Trade Port to the Primorskaya square. There are lockers on the beach, shade tents, frames, toilets, cafes and restautants. Here you can enjoy water attractions of rent a boat.

Municipal beach #3

[] Третій пляж в Бердянську

Municipal beach #3 is situated on the border of two city districts - Slobodka and Central district and is one of the largest and developed beaches of Berdiansk. Among standard lockers, tents, frames and toilets, there is a real mini luna-park there. And the only disadvantage of the beach is it's popularity among the citizens and numerous guests of Berdiansk as it is often overcrowded.