[] Пляжі Бердянська

Beaches, plages, strands, seasides, coastlines.... so many of them.... But in Berdiansk they are realy special ones! You can see it when you visit Berdiansk! Warn tender waves of the sea, bottom of fine sand make them especially child-friendly.
Our nature had created a lot of wonderful amazing places and Berdiansk is one of them. So our citizens are really proud of their city and treasure it.
Let us tell you about some of the most popular beaches of Berdiansk. "Lazurnyj" is very popular among native inhabitants as it's remote from a city bustle. There you can find real estuary. There the sea borders with steppe and creates a unique combination of sea breeze and scents of steppe herbs.
The place is equipped with parking place, shops, bars, canteen. You can get there by car or by bus # 20.
Another popular place on the seashore is the municipal beach #1. It is situated in the center of the city on the central Promenade It stretches from the piers to the Primorskaya square.
If you want to feel all the charm of the Old Berdiansk you should visit the municipal beach #2. It is situated in Lisky district. Here you will be amazed by the very cozy walkways, whitewashed houses with bundles of dried gobies hanging almost in every yard, breezes from the sea that is right on the other side of the street. From here you can see the new part of the city that was built in the post-war period.
Municipal beach #3 is hidden in the shady corner of Berdiansk, on the Slobodka district. This is the right place for those who like the view of the Berdiansk port, picturesque sunsets, city promenade, the narrow strip of the Berdiansk Spit, for those who like to swim and have fun in the Luna-park that is right on the beach.
Another place that you visit when you are in Berdiansk is the Berdiansk Spit with it's beaches that stretch for many miles. The sand there is clean and fine, olive trees give shadow and coolness and all you see is the endless sea.
On the Berdiansk Spit you can satisfy all your needs: if you prefer an active rest, you should visit an aquapark. There you find a lot of cafes, bars, different attractions. If you are looking for peace and quiet - be sure to find them on the most quiet districts of the Spit. By the way, a lot of different kinds of birds live there and most of them are rare and unique.
If you like these lines, please be sure to visit Berdiansk!