The history of Berdyansk begins in 1824, when General-Governor count Mikhail Vorontsov, for Azov was sent the expedition. Its purpose is to determine the location for a new marine port through which you could take abroad the wheat. The head of the expedition captain Nicholas of Crete measured the depth of the Bay and finally realized that the best place for the construction of a sea port on the Northern sea of Azov not.

In 1827 on the shore of Berdyansk Gulf began construction of the Marina. This year is the year of the founding of the town. As of July 1, 1830, took place the solemn opening of the port. Around him quickly began to grow the village, and in 1841 the port was granted the rights and privileges of the city and officially assigned the name of Berdyansk. The following year the city became the centre of the Berdyansk district, which was established on the lands of the Dnieper and Melitopol districts of Taurian province.

In the mid-nineteenth century, rapidly developing industry and Handicrafts. Worked here for 15 plants for the production of bricks, candle factory and a brewery, rope and twine, sausage and pasta factory, 6 steam mills, 15 enterprises for processing of fish, 200 grain warehouses and 70 stores merchants. At the end of the century, the city was built of stone piers, the second lighthouse, railway, converted like. Definitively the layout of the city, the features of which are preserved today.

Sun, warm sea, sandy beaches, curative mud estuaries call people in Berdyansk on bursting and rest. So, in 1902, the city government built the first small mud baths. Since then, Spa has become one of priority and perspective in the development of the city.

Berdyansk was developed as multinational city, where no ethnic enmity. Next door lived German colonists, Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Italians, Bulgarians and Greeks. Eight Orthodox churches, a Catholic Church, synagogue German Lutheran Church, Winter theatre and much more say about wealth, richness of cultural and spiritual life of residents at the time.

During the Second world war, Nazi troops entered Berdyansk 7 October 1941 and established a regime of brutal occupation. Thousands of barancev were shot and tortured, sent to slave labor. Two years later, on 17 September, the city was liberated. The retreating Nazis left behind almost completely destroyed the city.

In the postwar years the restoration of Berdyansk is rapid and it became the capital of the Azov resorts and an important industrial center. In 1970, the city received the status of resort of national.

Today Berdyansk - a city of regional significance with a population of 118.4 thousand people, the pearl of the North Azov sea region, climatic and mud resort of the state value, diverse and interesting city for rest and recuperation.

Berdyansk is a city in which having visited once, you want to return again and again! Welcome to Berdyansk! Dreams come true here ...