One of the city legends tells us a story about a greedy khan of the Golden Horde. Long time ago, somewhere in 1380 as he fled from the shore of the Maeothis Swamp (in Antiquity the Sea of Azov was known under this name) he overloaded his ship with gold and other innumerable treasures so in stormy weather it sank near the shore of Berdiansk.

The lost treasures influenced by the sun, seawater, and forces of Nature fused and melt. The gold turned into the curative mud and the gems turned to the mineral water.

The gods of the sea, sun  and the mother nature gave to the people the priceless wealth in the form of the curative mud and mineral water.

Berdiansk is the health center  that charges people with health for the whole year. Micronutrients feed the body and accumulate in the in it, so it helps to overcome the stress.