Many people think that the best plages are on the Berdiansk Spit. All in all the whole coastline of the Spit is one long sandy beach with a wonderful view both on the city from the side of the bay and on the open sea from the other side of the Spit.
The Berdiansk Spit itself can be divided on the three parts: The Near Spit, the Middle Spit and the Farther Spit. On the Near Spit you can you can find the Aquapark, the dolphinarium, the Resort and a great number of sanatoriums and children sport camps.
For those who prefer noise and fun - the Middle Spit with it's night clubs, cafes, restaurants and many other attractions.
The Farther Spit  is a quiet and peaceful place with large beaches and cozy atmosphere. There are not much hotels there and there is a real sanctuary in the very end of the Spit.
The plages of the children sport and recreation camp "Tchervona Gvozdyka" is known as a children plage. It is clean and the waters are not deep there, there's a rescue teem, tents frames, toilets, cafes. You can also try a boat trip or water attractions. That is why it is so popular among our guests who come to Berdiansk with children.